Basic Interior Design Principles

When you have a good knowledge of basic interior design principles you will be able to transform any interior space to make it functional and look fantastic. Basic interior design principles help in putting everything together cohesively to achieve a beautifully harmonious and space while maintaining functionality.

1. Harmony and Unity: Harmony refers to sameness, the sense of belonging of one thing with another. Unity refers to the repetition of particular elements throughout your design- colors, shapes, or design. This principle is used to create a sense of cohesion in a space.

2. Balance: In interior design, balance is everything. Everything feels right when a space is well balanced. Balance creates a sense of equilibrium among all factors in an interior space. Without balance, things go sideways. There must be a balance in color, shapes, pattern, texture and visual weight of objects. There are basically three (3) ways of achieving balance in interior design – symmetrical or formal balance, asymmetrical or informal balance, and radial balance.
Balance is critical in bringing equilibrium to a design area. Finding the right balance is key towards offering a different look by giving a satisfying feeling.

3. Rhythm: Rhythm in interior design is all about visual repetition. It refers to continuity, recurrence or organized movement. In order to achieve this in a design, you can use repetition of lines, forms, colors or textures. Rhythm can also be created by progression, transition or contrast. Using these tools will impart a sense of movement to your space, leading the eye from one design element to another.

4. Proportion: Proportion refers to the way furniture and objects look in an interior space, as well as relative to one another. Getting proportion right is complicated and is quite often chalked up to someone having an ‘eye for details’ that results in a feeling of comfort and harmony.

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