8 Things to do Before Constructing your Building

Having secured your land and obtained the necessary document required, the next thing to do is to commence building construction. Construction of a building as simple as it may be is a complicated process that needs to be prepared for adequately before commencing otherwise, the building construction process will be a total failure on the short run and long run. Here is a checklist of 8 things to do before you start your building construction

1. Create a plan: To successfully carry out a building construction project, you need to create a detailed plan. A plan that entails the purpose of the building in mind, the time frame within which it will be completed, the source of funds, legal details etc. Adequate and purposeful planning is needed to ensure the success of the project. Proper attention should be paid to details and required correction should be taken before commencing construction

2. Financial Feasibility: After planning for the project the next thing to do is to carry out a financial feasibility test. Financial feasibility of a project is the degree to which the project is financially possible. It considers the source of funding and its sustainability to see the project to completion. This stage is very critical in building construction project in order to prevent an uncompleted project or a breakdown of the project along the line.

3. Engage a Soil engineer: Although this aspect is commonly overlooked, engaging the services of a soil test engineer is very important in ensuring the longevity and overall success of the building project. You need to engage service of a soil test engineer because soil tests for building construction or any structure is one the most important step in construction planning in order to understand the suitability of the soil for proposed construction work. Soil should be well tested to give excellent performance. If the soil isn’t tested correctly then the whole building or structure will be damaged or collapsed or leaned like the leaning tower of Pisa.

4. Design Building Plan: After certifying the sustainability of the soil for the building project, the next step to take is to engage the service of an architect for the design of the building project. An architect will help in providing a detailed drawing design of the proposed building. They also oversee the project work till completion while helping to ensure safety during the work process.

5. Get all necessary permits: Before you begin the building project on the ground, the next step you have to take is to obtain all necessary government and environmental permits. The important permit should be obtained from federal, state and local government agencies. Permits such as building permits, certificate of occupancy, government permit, environmental permit, etc. should be obtained so as to prevent disturbance from government officials while carrying out the building project.

6. Get your building materials from the right source: Getting the right building materials is critical to ensure the success of a building project. The importance of using good building material cannot be overemphasized in building construction. Majority of building collapse is as a result use of bad materials used in building construction. Although it is difficult to get good building materials, buying materials from accredited sources would help in minimizing the risk of getting bad or shoddy materials. Acquiring building materials from a place like Builders’ Hub is a sure guarantee that you are obtaining a good value for your money , ensuring the success of your building project and the longevity of your building

7. Hire a good building contractor: A building contractor is saddled with the responsibility of constructing the building project while managing available resources in order to get the desired result. He oversees the construction of the building and ensures that all necessary measures are taken to result in successful completion of the building project. A good building contractor must be hired to ensure the success of the building project. Part of the qualities to look out for in hiring a good building contractor includes experience, credibility, good business ethics, accreditation, etc.

8. Engage the Service of a Project Manager: A project manager is one who has the responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project. Engaging the services of a Project Manager help to ensure that time frame targets and budgets of the project are met.

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