Regardless of whether you’re in a start-up, medium scale organization or a fortune 500 corporation, as the control centre of your work, your office space needs to be carefully planned out, door included.


In order to choose the right door for installation, you’ll need to cover these 3 key things:


You’ll most likely have plenty of crucial documents and valuables stored within your office. In order to keep everything safe and create peace of mind, be sure to install a door with a lock. You’ll be able to determine whether your door will need a simple key lock or a combination lock depending on the value of your items, however some sort of security device is crucial.

Whether you’re the manager or a humble employee, your doors must both shut out and keep in all noise. Having a door with proper acoustics will help keep your conversations private within your office, while the same goes for keeping out noise pollution to assist in your productivity.



Trying to keep your items safe or even maintaining your privacy may make you appear exclusive. That’s why your office door needs to also create a sense of invitation so that your peers can feel comfortable coming to speak to you. Hence, choosing the right design and colour for your door is essential. Red creates a sense of warmth, as does timber, while a wider door is more inviting than one which is too narrow or tall.

No matter your business, installing the right door from design inception is the most cost-effective option. Builders’ Hub can help you find the perfect door, allowing for lock systems, privacy and added strength for any tumultuous door slamming that may happen in future.

With a variety of options for your needs we can help you choose the right door for your workplace to last for years to come.

Find out more about door solutions that would suit your circumstances by contacting our friendly support team today. We’ll be waiting with the door open.


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