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How can I track my order?

We will send you regular updates about the status of your order via emails and sms after your order has left our warehouse and is on its way to you, or you can call our helpline on Tel: 01-3424674.

How do I cancel my order

You can cancel your order from your order page, and once you make an order and the item has been brought to our office for pick up, he/she will give us time for refund.

if I have paid for my item, can I still return it?

Yes, you can, but we will need to access if there are no damages on the product and once that is done, withing 48hours your request will be granted.

Can someone collect my prepaid package on my behalf?

Yes, it is possible, but the person needs to bring a prove of evidence like receipt/invoice, and also you have to call us stating that you sent someone to pick your goods.

I want to buy tiles

What type of tiles are you looking for? Spanish, Italian, Nigerian, Chinese. Floor or wall.

What type of tile can I use in a particular area?

Internal areas- Living room, bed rooms, toilet based on your taste high gloss tiles are

External areas- Outside wall, outside fence

commercial areas. Is it a high traffic area or low traffic areas?

Swimming pool- mosaic tiles.

What is the difference between Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Nigeria tiles?

Italian and Spanish tiles are suitable for luxury areas, they are exquisite, they are

Chinese (Cheaper than Spanish and Italian tiles, has varieties of designs, of good quality) and Nigeria (low budget, availability, varieties, suitable for low traffic area)

Is it advisable to buy extra tile when buying?

When placing an order for tile, it is advisable to buy extra 10% of the quantity. This is necessary because of errors in measurement and breakages. You may also want to have spare in case of future needs.

Can I lay a tile on another tile?

Yes, you can lay a tile on another tile with the use of tile adhesive

What is the difference between Ceramic and Porcelain tiles?

Ceramic tiles absorb less water and its advisable on dry floor. Porcelain tiles absorb more water and are for damp floor water.

Are all products on builder’s hub Generated?

No, but we can customise your own brand based on your choice.

Do you do free delivery?

No, we do not provide free delivery. However, we can assist you in securing a reduced delivery fee through some of our haulage vendors.

Do you sell doors/ I need door?

Yes, we sell doors such as internal (wooden-flush or American panel or steel doors) or external (security-Armored, Israeli steel door)? To prevent burglary, to secure you and your family, to secure your valuable property.

Do you install doors?

Yes, we do, but we have a professional installer for you. The first step is to get an accurate measurement of the door perimeters then get a qualified technician to carry out the installation so that the full benefit of the door will be optimized.

Do you sell Sanitary wares/ Do you sell Twyford?

Yes, we do.

What other brands are available?

We have several brands amongst them are Ideal standard, Twyford, Builders hub, Lucca Vianchi, Grohe and other brands.

What are the differences in the Sanitary Wares?

For Lucca Vianchi: the flushing system, the luxury design, Easy maintenance, censored control.

Is the WC P-trap or S-trap?

It is available in both

How good is the flushing system of your product?

The flushing system of our product does not clog, wobble or over flows.

Where do you get it from?

China, Europe, France, Spain and Sweden.

Does your products have warranty?

Yes, depending on the brand.

Is your system mechanism soft or hand flushing?

Yes, we sell both

I don’t want to pay VAT. I can get these products at the open market (Orile) without VAT charges. Why should I pay VAT?

Sir/ Ma, we offer a great value in Builders’ Hub group. Aside the quality products we are offering you, we also make sure that you get your products at the specified time, we will also follow up on the delivery of your products and also offer a good return policy which is not applicable at the open market.

How much is your vat?

The VAT payable on our products has been increased to 7.5%. This is a new directive from the Federal Government.

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