Home Electrical Safety Tips

Everyone wants their home electrical system to be operated from safe levels in order to keep their families and loved ones away from harm and serious injuries that result from electrical accidents.

Electrical Dangers are quite common and care should be taken in avoiding them because they can be very dangerous and can result in great harm when they occur. Here are a few tips on how to avoid electrical accidents from occurring at home.

  1. Get your home electrical work done by a certified electrician; whenever you want to engage an electrician for your home electrical works make sure you engage the service of a good and certified electrician. Engaging the service of a non professional electrician will only lead to a poor electrical work. The consequences of a poor electrical work include faulty wiring, use of substandard materials, etc which can lead to fire, electrical shocks and other forms of electrical hazards at home
  2. Never use substandard electrical materials; when wiring your home or carrying out other electrical works make sure you use standard wires and other electrical materials. Avoid the usage of substandard materials because it can significantly increase the risk of electrical accidents and hazards occurring at home. When shopping for electrical materials, take care to get them from trusted dealers to ensure the originality of the material you are purchasing
  3. Don’t overload outlets; every electrical outlet in your house is designed to deliver a certain amount of electricity; overloading the outlet by plugging too much devices into it or plugging a device beyond its power will significantly increase the risk of a fire outbreak or other electrical hazards at home. Always ensure to avoid overloading of electrical outlets at home
  4. As much as possible avoid extension cords: Don’t use cords as a permanent solution to a wiring problem. You can consider having an electrician to install new outlets in your home if the needs be.  Cluttering your house with extension cords might lead to residents of your house tripping and falling on them. This can lead to injury or damage to the wires which can cause electrical partial contacts and electrical shocks
  5. Keep electrical outlets away from water; Water is a conductor of electricity. When water comes in contact with electricity, even the slightest touch by man will lead to electrical shock which can result in injury. As much as possible, make sure to keep away water from all electrical outlets and gadgets. In a situation whereby electrical gadgets come in contact with water, ensure to wipe it off before use.


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