Factors to Consider Before Painting a Building

  1. Identify the type of building to be painted: Identifying if a building is for residential or commercial purpose is a very important factor to consider before painting a building because this will help in choosing the colour suits the building best. For residential buildings it is advisable to go for cool conservative colours however, for commercial or enterprise buildings it is advisable to use bright colours that are catchy to the eyes and can be spotted from a distance


  1. Localization of the building; The locality where a building is located is another factor that must be considered before painting a building. The locality and characteristics of the area will decide what type of paint that best suits the building to be painted. If a place is prone to flood or the area is always to dusty this will help you decide in advance the types of paint to use and special things that must be done before painting


  1. Colour of Paint; When it comes to painting a building, the most important thing is choosing the right paint colour for the building. Although the process of choosing the right paint colour can be overwhelming due to several factors that influences choice of paint colour, adequate care most be taken to choose the colour that best suits the building against all odds


  1. Calculate the cost of material needed; After deciding on the type of paint and colour to use, the cost of materials needed to execute the painting job must be estimated. This will aid economical use of resources while preparing ahead of the painting job.

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