5 Reasons why Curbless Design is Best for your Bathrooms

1. Reduced Accident Risk; Due to the nature of the bathroom and the frequency of its visit, bathroom accounts for most of the accidents at home. Most of these accidents occur when using bathroom facilities and bathroom design is a significant reason why these accidents occur. When there are too many steps in the bathroom and bathroom design is clumsy, the risk of

accident in the bathroom is significantly increased. Curbless bathrooms are designed to remove the curbs in the bathroom i.e. the restraints that prevent free movement when using the bathroom. Curbless design helps in reducing bathroom accidents by making the bathroom less clumsy, having few or no staircase, effective space management, more walk/ shower space, easy accessibility and ease of use etc. thereby effectively reducing accident risk occurring in the bathroom.
2. Ease of use for all ages: When it comes to bathroom design, it is safe to design a bathroom for all ages i.e. a bathroom that can be easily used by everyone including the very young and the very old. Most bathroom designs do not take the very young and the elderly into consideration due to this, using the bathroom for the young and the elderly becomes  difficult task. For example, a 4-inch tall shower which poses no problem for a middle-aged person might be a herculean task for an elderly person thereby making bathroom use extremely difficult. Curbless bathrooms are designed for ease of usage irrespective of age. It can easily be used by the young, middle-aged and the elderly without any form of difficulty. The curbless bathroom is designed in such a way that bathroom designs and accessories are made suitable for and within the reach of all ages.
3. Space Management: Most bathroom designs are cluttered with messy counters, overcrowded and disorganized which makes bathroom accessibility and use difficult. To effectively make use of this small space, the curbless design is the way to go. The curbless design makes a small bathroom big by eliminating barriers and improving effective space management. In a large bathroom, curbless bathrooms are equally effective, curbless design helps in promoting space management by removing all unnecessary hurdles that take space and makes bathroom use difficult.
4. Less stress: Curbless bathroom design is a stress-free design, stress-free in use and maintenance due to its unique ability to cut off all forms of barrier that promotes stress in the bathroom. In terms of use, curbless bathroom design is more or less a walk – in shower. The stress of climbing up to or entering into anything is eliminated by the free nature of the curbless design. Furthermore, curbless bathroom design eliminates the problems associated with bathroom maintenance by opening up the bathroom space thereby providing a free space when cleaning and maintain the bathroom.
5. Beautiful Design: When talking about artistic design, the bathroom is definitely a prime place to put that in place. A beautiful bathroom design makes your bathroom homely and makes you feel like you are living in paradise. In spite of its simplicity, curbless bathroom design offers you a unique kind of artistic beautiful design that gives your bathroom a lovely look.

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