Factors to Consider When Buying Tiles

Tiles have been around for a very long time and they are No 1 choice for flooring, wall covering, countertops, tabletops etc. This is because of its artistic beauty, durability, easy to clean, non-porous and easy to maintain nature. There is a wide variety of tiles which includes ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glazed tiles, tile mosaics, natural stone tiles, etc. Given the incredible range of available designs, collections, and formats of tiles it can be an overwhelming process when choosing tiles for your apartments, homes, and offices. Here are  factors to help guide you in making the right choice when purchasing tiles

1. The application of the tiles; Do you intend to use the tiles for indoor or outdoor use? Is the tiles meant for wall, countertop, or floor? these are salient questions that needs  to be answered before buying tiles. Tiles have unique properties that suit several purposes due to this, there is a  need to decide in advance the purpose or use of the tiles.

2. Traffic; The traffic of the place you intend to use the tiles is an important factor to consider when buying tiles. Public places such as hallways, receptions, showrooms, meeting points, schools, hotels, etc are high traffic areas that need tiles with characteristics such as resistance to abrasion, non-slippery, versatility, etc. On the other hand low traffic places such as rooms, offices etc require tiles with suitable characteristics

3. Size; Determining tiles size depends on the overall design of a space. Large-scale tiles can make a small room seem bigger.
Large-scale tiles also require less work to install thereby reducing cost of labour and are particularly useful when tiling walls and floors. Small tiles are suitable for decorative purposes. To enhance decorative flow in the room it is advisable to go for small tiles

4. Colour: The color and texture of tile helps set the tone of a room hence, it is very important to choose the right tiles colour. In choosing the right tile colour factors such as colour of the wall, decorations of the room,  style of your apartments, lightings etc. must be put into proper consideration. It is advisable you go for plain, matching tiles and avoid multi colour tiles because they are more user friendly and easy to maintain.


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